5 Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

On first Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts.  January 19, 2013 investigation at the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire. We had high hopes for this location again simply because of the last two visits. John Humphries. the owner was as courteous as ever on arrival. Armed with a bag of popcorn. his favorite, he welcomed us. And told us the stories of his encounters with the ghost.

John Humphries is 85 years old. And has lived in the ram for years. There is an incubus that resides there. As well as many other spirits. Unraveling the ghosts that live there is a medium’s nightmare. Sam explains that it is very much like peeling layers of an onion. through time and trying to piece together events in the history of the country and the building. which ghost goes in which time period. And what the place played which role during that particular time. We had our welcome meeting and drinks. And then Sam took everyone on the mediumship show.

5 Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

The bar is home to a ghost named Mary Gibbons. A witch who performed dark magic. And we have heard her voice on previous occasions. This didn’t disappoint during the January visit. When Sam was yelling in the barn, you can hear her say ‘hello’ on the camcorder. There was another ghost going from the barn to the bar named Charles.

He is a priest who had a daughter named Rosie in 1290 who killed her when rumors spread that she was his and that she just “disappeared”. On the evening in the bar a new ghost. another priest named William was felt close to one of the guests. Sam felt her energy being drained by him. And a stool at the entrance of the tunnel moved in the fireplace. Ancient Ram

Ancient Ram Inn

The door closed on its own when she mentioned Mary Gibbons and whether she regretted sacrificing people. On checking, John was watching TV in his living room and he couldn’t possibly have gone upstairs so quickly to close the door and sit back down. In the barn it was cold, the glasswork went really well and one of the guests wanted a personal experience because of the violent activities in the past wanted something to happen to him and he froze for a while unable to move. Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts. 5 Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts.

Be careful what you ask in this place because you might get it! The Witches’ Room had some good E.M.F. and slight aberrations recorded on the camcorder. A disembodied breath that was feminine could also be heard between a guest and Sam’s ear. We also had good activities in the bishop’s room. the light intensity meter registers a shadow on the third bed closest to the window. The toilet light comes on, the door rattles, and the cupboard door also rattles when locked.

In the attic, there were some strange bangs that sounded far away and when asked if it could do that again it did on several occasions.  (Thomas and another girl named Cassie come from the pagan soil before Rosie’s death in 1290). We had no activity this time from Charles and Tom the innkeeper but had another cracking night despite the snow outside.

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