Next Gen ATP Finals 2023: live stream, How to watch Tennis, TV channel

Attention tennis fans! Get ready for the ultimate showdown at the ATP Next Gen Finals! Witness the incredible talent of eight of the most promising under-21 players on the ATP tour. However, there are some twists – players may opt out for medical reasons or if they’re competing in the ATP Finals just a few weekends prior. In the exciting year of 2023, Carlos Alcaraz and Holger Rune showcased their skills in the ATP Finals while Ben Shelton and Lorenzo Musetti couldn’t make it due to personal or medical reasons. Don’t miss out on this thrilling clash of the tennis titans!

Next Gen ATP Finals 2023

The upcoming ATP Next Gen Finals 2023 features a talented crop of young tennis players. The eight athletes who made the cut are first-seed Hugo Fils from France, second-seed Leo Borg from Sweden, third-seed Timofey Skatov from Kazakhstan, fourth-seed Alex Michelsen from the United States, fifth-seed Favio Cobolli from Italy, sixth-seed Hamad Medjedovic from Serbia, seventh-seed Luca Nardi from Italy and the wild card from Jordan, Abdullah Shelbayh. Shelbayh, the first Jordanian to win a Challenger Series tournament and an ATP-level match, is an exciting wildcard entry who might just become the crowd favorite in Saudi Arabia.

The eight players will compete in a round-robin stage throughout the tournament. The Green Group will feature Fils, Borg, Cobolli, and Nardi while the Red Group will feature Van Assche, Michelsen, Medjedovic, and Shelbayh. Each player will play all the others in the group once during the round-robin stage. The top two players from each group will advance to the semifinals.

The round-robin stage will take place over three days, from Tuesday, November 28 through Thursday, November 30. The semifinals will be held on Friday, December 1, with the final taking place on Saturday, December 2, at 8 pm local time. The unique scoring system for this tournament means each set goes to the best of four games, with tie-breaks being played at 3-all.

As far as the winnings at the ATP Next Gen Finals go, an undefeated winner takes home $514,000, while a player who wins in the final without being undefeated earns $153,000. A semifinal win is worth $113,500, and each round-robin win is valued at $32,500. For just showing up, each player earns $150,000 – a considerable sum to a young tennis player under the age of 21 years old.

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