Old Faithful Inn

The Old Faithful Inn opened in 1904, next to the Old Faithful Geyser in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

This icon hardly needs an introduction, for over a century this hulking exposed timber-framed block (believed to be the largest log cabin building in the world) influenced and inspired the construction of all the national park lodges that followed.

This massive log structure is nearly 700 feet tall and soars seven stories high in the center. The central area, also known as the old house, is the first thing you notice when you arrive. The towering craggy gabled roof is intersected with three-story dormers, crowned with a crow’s nest observation deck at the top.

The Old Faithful Inn has a massive roof that makes up six of the seven floors that make up the main lodge building and contains one of the most historically striking and recognized interior spaces anywhere in the world.

The Old Faithful Inn

however, The grand lobby towers over ninety feet to the ceiling. A grove of exposed posts and beams supports the massive exposed roof above, creating an unforgettable cathedral of open space in the lobby. Multiple levels of interior balconies with balusters made of rustic logs and branches enclose the room and offer expansive views of the grand lobby.

A monumental stone fireplace sixteen feet square decorated with a huge brass and wrought iron clock anchors the room. This is without a doubt the “Queen” of all national park lodges. The skill and determination of the hundreds of craftsmen who built this majestic lodge from natural stone and wood collected within the boundaries of the park are evident everywhere you look.

Guests can view the historic eruption of the Old Faithful Geysers from the comfort of a large second-floor veranda, accessed from an interior balcony. The grand lobby also serves as a central hub for guests to access the sprawling three-and-a-half-story wing additions or the impressive dining room and lounge.

This grand space is a memorable place to relax and admire the sheer size. And the scope of this truly grand historic building. Everywhere you look you’ll find handcrafted works of Native American and Western art, along with unique iron and copper chandeliers.

Old Faithful

The Old Faithful Inn was the first national park lodge built in America. Yellowstone National Park was the first designated national park not only in America but in the world.

Yellowstone National Park’s geyser basin is the largest, most active of its kind in the world. This grand old lodge really fits into the decor of the historic park setting. Both are huge and filled with unparalleled unique features to see and explore. You will never forget this historic lodge in the national park and the historic park in which it resides once you experience it.

So The Old Faithful Inn has many rooms and room selections available.


Premium Rooms: and High-Range Rooms: All are well-appointed and have a choice of two queen beds. Up to a single queen or two double beds with en-suite bath. tub/shower, sink, and toilet.

Mid-Range Rooms:

are comfortable with one or two queen-size beds with an en-suite bathroom, sink, and toilet.

Rooms without bath:

Rustic simple rooms with queen-size beds or beds. A sink with hot and cold water. Shared bathrooms and showers are located in the hallway.

Accessible Rooms:

however, these are beautiful rooms with queen-sized beds. And a private bath. The bathtubs have shower hoses. Sinks and toilets are all accessible and fitted with handrails. These rooms are all located on the first floor.

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